Thursday, August 25, 2016

Never Alone

"Sometimes I'm alone but never lonely." - India Arie

When they say you're never alone and everyone is like family here, they're telling the truth.  On yesterday, I left my apartment keys at school, the school is a good 30 minutes away, I have no car, and a taxi would be quite costly to travel round-trip.  Thankfully there were teachers still in the building but they weren't coming back right away.  My next door neighbor whose Egyptian took me in, fed me and entertained me for about two hours until my keys arrived. I was so grateful for her and thanked her several times. She told me not to worry about anything and if I'm ever in need, she's there to help.  She reminded me that we're family now, and indeed sisters.

Today, I had yet another experience leaving my personal items at work.  This time around was my wallet 😯.  One of my  colleagues began a WhatsApp group which has come in great handy, so I was able to contact a teacher who was working late at the school.  The teacher found my wallet and brought it back to my apartment.

I was on my way to get something to eat when I noticed my wallet was missing.  One of my grade group partners gave me money so that I could still eat. She didn't stop there, she later picked me up from my apartment took me to the teacher store and gave me additional money so that I can put minutes on my phone.  I'm just so grateful to have a support system all the way in the UAE.  When I prayed for this job, one constant request was that i would work in a school where I would build healthy relationships among my colleagues, students and their families.  God has honored all of my requests thus far, and I'm sure He's not done yet.  😇😇😇


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