Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Invitation

So I've waited over a month for a particular email, and it finally came today!  To refresh your memory, I completed a phone interview through Teach Away for a teaching position at private schools in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.  The phone interview went well.  The next day or so, I received another email letting me know I passed the initial screening.  My recruiter told me I was added to a list of candidates recommended to attend an exclusive in-person interview session hosted by Teach Away.  She informed that the interview would take place in NYC in late January.  Well I waited, and waited to receive an email to see if I would be chosen to attend the in-person interview.  Well today, I received a late Christmas present.  The email read: 

"We are pleased to inform you that you are being officially invited to attend an in-person interview with Director of Recruitment and Heads of School for __________Private Academy and ___________  Academy."
(I left the names out, until things are official)
I was ecstatic to learn that I'm being interviewed for the two schools that I liked most.  The third school that I wasn't too sold on, is no longer an option, and that's fine with me.
The interview will take place on Sunday, January 24th in NYC and I don't know what to do with myself.  Lol!  I'm still on break from school, so I'm going to work on my Portfolio to prepare for the big day.  Right now, I'm excited yet calm but I know that will soon change.  I will admit, I'm not the best when it comes down to interviews.  I get so nervous and my words sometimes become jumbled.  But I've prayed, and prayed and researched on this and everything feels just right.  This is the right time, the right moment, and I'm ready for it.  I'm true believer that whatever is for me, will be just for me.  Either this position is for me, or God will set me up for something even greater.

Until next time...


Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I'm officially on Winter Break and I have several items I want to complete while on break.  One of the items on my to-do list is applying for a passport.  Today, I finally made my way to the post office to fill out the paperwork and take my photo.  I've never owned a passport before, the only other countries I've visited were Jamaica, Bahamas, and Mexico.  During my time of travel, a passport was not required to enter those countries.  I'm anxious and excited about finally receiving one.  I'm even more excited for the future stamps that I'll collect during my two years abroad.  Even though my photo looks more like a mugshot, I can't wait to have my passport in my hand.

 Until next time...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

So Emotional

So on Thursday evening we had our holiday concert at my school.  This is my 9th year at Village and I've never seen a crowd that large at a Holiday Concert.  I'm reminded of last year's concert which was quite pitiful with about 50 members in the attendance and very little students showed up.  But this year's show was awesome!  Not only did the parents & students show up, but the Village staff showed up, and showed out as well!  This year all of the staff participated in the concert by singing Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas."  The students had no idea we were singing so when we came on stage, the kids went crazy!  I don't know about anyone else but I felt like Beyonce' up there.  Lol!  The students really made us feel like superstars.

After the concert, I became really emotional, I even shed a few tears when I arrived home.  It hit me all at once, that I'm really going to miss my VCS Family.  I truly cherish the relationships that I've formed at Village and pray that wherever I go, I will have a school family just as great as my Village family.  I don't even have a position lined up yet in the UAE, but I know it's time for me to move on.  Any day now, I should receive an email informing if I will be invited to the in-person interviews in January.  So until then, I'm impatiently waiting....

Until Next Time