Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 17

Hello All!  I finally have Internet and I should be able to update more frequently.  It was hard living without the Internet but I made it.  Lol!  I've been in Abu Dhabi for 17 days now, and I'm adjusting quite well.  

After a delayed opening of my school, we finally received the green light to begin school on Wednesday, August 31st (3 days ago).  I love my new students and their parents.  My students are from Hungary, India, Yemen, Pakistan, US, Jordan, Malaysia, Canada and of course UAE.  I have 19 kids on my roster, but only half showed up.  I probably won't meet all of my students until after the Eid Holiday which is coming up soon.  So we'll be in school for 7 days before we have our first break.  During that time I plan to go to Dubai.   

I'm debating on whether or not to rent a car.  My goal was to get to know the area first then rent a car my second year here.  But having a car would be so much easier for me.  I like the area I'm in and can easily access a cab to just about anywhere, but those taxi cabs add up.  So the question still remains...

Here are a few videos of my new neighborhood. Enjoy!

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