Sunday, June 12, 2016

One-Track Mind

School isn't finished, but this teacher (Me) is done!

Many school districts across the country are officially on summer break.  As for me and the lovely school districts in NJ, school is still in session.  I have 10 school days left, before the year is officially over.  School isn't finished, however I'm so done!  I can't seem to concentrate on anything but my plans of moving to Abu Dhabi.  I can't seem to get enough of all things UAE.  Lol!  I'm constantly on the Facebook groups, refreshing the browser every so often for new updates.  If I'm not on Facebook then I searching for teacher blogs on UAE and even videos on YouTube.  I can't get enough!  I'm so excited, I really don't know what do with myself!

I still haven't begun selling or packing things up.  I did go shopping last week for clothing, just purchased maxi style dresses, slacks, and tops; all things that I could wear to work.  We don't have to wear traditional Islamic clothing to school.  The dress code is conservative and professional with absolutely no denim.  It's really not much different than what I'm use to wearing.  I can't seem to pack anything until I get confirmation of my departure date.  I don't want to part with my car, I love my Kia Soul!  I've thought of shipping it over but it's just too costly.  My dad has mentioned that he wanted to purchase a newer car for my mother so I think he may just take over the payments or pay off the balance.  Hopefully, I'll come to a conclusion soon, it'll be one less thing I need to do.

I'm hoping to receive an email from the HR Department of my new school.  I was told that I would receive an email to begin planning my departure towards the end of the school term.  Their term ends on the 23rd, a day before my school.  I'm hoping to get a direct a flight to Abu Dhabi.  My closest airport is in Philadelphia and I know that they do not have direct flights.  If I leave from Philly, I'm guessing I will fly to Qatar, then Abu Dhabi. Another scenario would be to fly from Philly to Boston to Abu Dhabi or Philly to Chicago to Abu Dhabi.  But if I request to leave from JFK in NY, I can have a direct flight.  You see what I mean when I say I can't concentrate on anything else.  Lol!  No one told me these things, I just figured this would be the scenario after searching for airlines with a direct flight to Abu Dhabi.  You're dealing with a person who has a one track mind!  

You've heard me say this before, but I'm so ready to begin this journey.  In my research of finding out when people received their golden tickets (airline ticket) last year, many people received word immediately after the conclusion of Ramadan.  I believe the earliest date that I saw was July 9th.  This year Ramadan ends on July 5th, I hoping to receive my ticket that same week.

Well that's it for now, until next time!

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