Friday, November 27, 2015

Teach Away

If you're interested in becoming an international educator, you may want to sign up with a recruiting agency.  There are several agencies you can use, some are free, while others require a fee.  Teach Away is the recruiting agency that I'm using and it's totally free.

After reading numerous blogs, I decided to go for it!  On October 31st, I filled out my application on Teach Away.  I applied for the following teaching positions: Kindergarten Teacher (private & public schools) and Elementary Teacher (private & public schools).  By Monday, November 2nd, I received two emails requesting a pre-screen interview, for both the public and private school positions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.  Both interviews went well and I was invited to an in-person interview in NYC for a position with ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council).  I was unable to gather all of the information in a timely manner so I had to pass up the interview. 

After speaking with the recruiter about ADEC, I was pretty sure that I didn't want to work in Abu Dhabi Public Schools.  However, I still wanted to attend the interview to get the experience.  Although the pay is good, there are just some things that are a little unsettling for me.  If you choose to accept a position with ADEC, you will not know where you'll live, work, or grade you'll teach, until you reach Abu Dhabi.  This is something that I can't pretend that I'm okay with, so private schools are my preferred choice.

The in-person interview for the private schools won't take place until late January.  I'm anxious and excited about attending this interview.  My recruiter sent me the names of three private schools that I'm being considered for.  I researched them all but there is one school that stands out from them all. I pray that I'm chosen to work at this particular school.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


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