Saturday, November 28, 2015

Teach Away Update

I received an email update from my recruiter.  She let me know that Teach Away is close to finalizing the interview dates and final selection of participants.  The interviews will take place in Chicago and New York.  Since I'm closet to New York, I will go there for my final interview.

My recruiter also encouraged me to continue researching living in Dubai & Abu Dhabi as well as GEMS Education mission and education philosophy. Also, ensure that my passport is valid 2017 or beyond. I went to the Post Office today to apply for a passport, but they are only open Monday - Friday. So, I will need to make this a priority, this upcoming week. Back to the suggestions of my recruiter...she also encouraged me to read blogs from other teachers about their experiences and share any questions that I may have. I can definitely say I have that covered! I spend many hours searching for blogs about teachers living in UAE. My latest find was Black Girl in Abu Dhabi, I spent several hours reading about Haneefa's experience in Abu Dhabi. Her posts started on April 18, 2013 and I read every single one! The last suggestion from my recruiter was to join the Teach Away Facebook group. I can check that off too! 

Winter Break is in three weeks so I'm going to check out a few books from my library about Abu Dhabi & Dubai.  This was a suggestion from one of the many blogs I've read.  I'm also going to research GEMS schools and take some notes.  The three private schools I mentioned in an earlier post, are all GEMS schools.  My recruiter stated that I should receive another update within the next two weeks.

Until Next Time!


  1. Prayers that you get this.'ll do fine, no worries

  2. I'm glad your going after your dreams and living your life You are a inspiration and I am so very proud of you Keep up the good work and you did a great job with this.