Sunday, March 6, 2016


As I lay in bed this morning, an alert came across my phone.  I knew right away that it wasn't an email message because of the distinct tone, but an alert from one of the many Facebook groups that I'm a member of.  I clicked on the Facebook message to see what was going on and I noticed that I indeed received two email messages.  At first I wasn't going to check my email because I promised myself that I would stopping stalking my account every 30 minutes.  But curiosity caught the best of me and I clicked on my Gmail icon and there it was, the email that I was waiting for!  The email contained an offer letter along with a contract and several other documents!  The wait is finally over!!!  God willing I will be on a plane to UAE in August to teach at a brand new school in Abu Dhabi!  I'm so excited and very much nervous but I'm ready for the adventure!  I still have one more step (authentication) before everything becomes official.  But it looks like this Jersey girl is on her way to residing in the UAE for the next two years.  

This is just the beginning, so make sure you keep following!  Don't be shy, leave a comment, or even join the site!

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I've just found your blog now and I've been reading all your entries, I love it and have found it very useful! Congratulations on getting your dream job in UAE.

    I've also been Applying through agencies to teach in the UAE Aug 2016, but have so far been unsuccessful and close to tears on several occasions like u were. I have one big question for you but I'd rather ask privately: do you have an email I could contact you on please?

    P.S. I am a black British sister from London.